I’ve no intent to buy or think of you yet

As the first out of the four audience intent stages, the intent does not yet exist. The user has no intent to make any purchase at all, let alone to hear about you or your business. The need has not arise, yet. At this stage, any marketing message aligned towards a purchase maybe be deemed a turn off or even rude.

How should I approach users in this intent stage then?

Help the user LEARN about you, your products or your industry despite having no intent. Seek to provide something of value to the audience. May it be to entertain, to inform or to be useful. Make life better, make life meaningful. Create smart innovative hacks and ideas. In fact, the options are almost endless.

What better way to get such ideas and inspirations than through our intent marketing blog. We often share smart marketing campaigns by real world businesses warranting a closer look. You will see that given the correct tactics, your message can be enjoyable and desirable even to an audience with no intent to buy at all.

With the right content for this user intent stage, it is also important to select the appropriate marketing channels to be effective. Media rich medium are often, though not necessarily always, employed.

What eventually happens to some users who has no intent?

Once a user is aware of you and your products, she may become conscious of new needs. The user may develop new intents and move on to the next intent stage, where she has some intents to buy but is not ready yet to make the purchase decision.