I’ve some intents to buy but am not ready

The user is aware of her needs at this stage and has intent to buy. However, the timing is not right. She is not ready to commit. Why? It could be insufficient information to make a choice. Unsure of some of her needs. Possibly some factors that make it unviable to buy now, like financial or temporal reasons.

What can I do for users who are not ready to buy?

Help the user CONSIDER you and your products. Build a relationship and start convincing early. Keep yourself top of her mind through contact and advice even though she is not ready. Be a friend. Stay connected. Think lead generation and nurturing. Think user interactions.

Have you ever browsed an online store only to see a few days later, the exact same products you were interested in surfacing mysteriously across the internet while you were surfing the web? That is user intent remarketing. As a business, you can do that or maybe provide advice related to that product. Maybe give a sample? An information pack? How about a demo or trial?

Before you can do any of these, you need to know what your web users are interested in. What are their intents? Did you pick up their digital body language? What online behavioural characteristics did you gather? What did they actually browsed? If you need help figuring these out, have a chat with us.

What if the user is now ready to buy?

Great! Now that you have helped your user to consider you and your products, the user is ready to take the next step towards a buying decision.