Marketing Analytics


If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. – Peter Drucker

If you do not measure your marketing, you cannot improve it. Marketing analytics is key to measuring your marketing performance and improving your marketing effectiveness.

Do you currently,

  • – know what goals you are expecting your website visitors to achieve?
  • – track micro and macro goal conversions?
  • – track your offline media and printed marketing materials?
  • – have a low proportion of ‘direct’ traffic (if you know what that means)?
  • – surface business data into your analytics tracking platform?
  • – proactively identify common pain points of browsing your website?
  • – collect qualitative data of your customers?
  • – have a set of marketing performance KPIs to compare period to period?
  • – know when is the ideal time to market to your in-market customers?
  • – have a lead generation program?

If you say yay to some and nay to others, that is okay, many big organisations did not get it right too.

Marketing analytics is a rapidly evolving field that requires someone with cross-functional knowledge and experience in business, marketing, technology, numbers and creativity to do well.

Our experienced team tackles real-life problems, often at the enterprise scale, on a daily basis so you do not have to do it. You can leverage us to develop your digital KPIs and metrics, set up and measure your marketing performance, and surface insights and optimisation opportunities that deliver value and positive impacts to your business.