Digital KPI & Measures

Value of Measures

Do you use page views as your primary web site metric? Maybe couple it with bounce rate and time on page? If that sounds familiar, you are not at all alone; these three are the commonest measures we have seen being used.

However, the value of web analytics is not on page level metrics but visit level metrics. This is because a user almost certainly browsed through a chain of web pages instead of a single page. In fact, it is very likely the user’s need is met only through multiple visits to your site, and possibly through multiple devices and channels.

Choice of Measures

So which measures should you use? What will your digital KPI be to determine performance? It depends on the business and the stage or situation you are in.

  • What do you want your users to do on your website?
  • What is the aim of your marketing campaign?
  • Are you measuring branding, awareness, media quality, engagement, loyalty, conversion, or others?
  • Are there particular customer segments you are measuring?

Digital Measurement Plan

A common challenge for marketers and business owners is translating business objectives into smaller and measurable key performance indicators. It takes someone with good understanding of business, marketing, consumer behaviour and digital technology to do that well.

Our experienced analytics team can work along side with you and your team to develop a digital measurement plan based on the needs of your business. We also have in-house technical expertise to implement the analytics configuration needed, including technical works to your website, if required.

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