Marketing Performance

Marketing ROI

More than ever before, marketing teams today face increasing pressure to perform and align their operations with the return on investment on marketing budgets. Not just on media budgets but operational budget and martech investments as well. This call for measuring marketing performance beyond campaigns.

Beyond Digital

It is no surprise that marketing teams often focus a lot of energy on measuring digital campaigns given the breadth, depth and complexity of data available compared to traditional channels. However, many businesses are not fully online and key conversion actions occur in a range of isolated siloed systems.

Marketers need to go beyond digital to measure marketing performance holistically. This means identifying key business systems, setting up measures on these systems and interweaving the data feeds with marketing activities to measure the impact on the financial bottom line.

Performance Dashboard

Surfacing performance measures to the marketing team and executive level is a natural progression thereafter. This aligns the team towards performance-based marketing and comparison measures. The underlying data also becomes a hotbed for detailed analysis and insights generation.

Our consultants work closely with you and other stakeholders to assemble this framework together. We can help you to identify the correct measures, navigate the platforms, surface the data, build the data pipelines and implement the performance dashboard solution.

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